The fact that the war is not over, let alone decided, does not fundamentally speak against plans to rebuild Ukraine.

Like so many things these days, they contain above all the political symbol that Ukraine should belong to the free West.

This is useful as a (further) signal to Putin and even more as an encouragement to the Ukrainian people.

She will endure hardship and suffering more easily if she knows what her soldiers are fighting for.

It would have been highly inconsistent for the EU in particular to nominate Ukraine as a candidate for accession and then leave it alone.

Destruction from new attacks?

A completely different question is how realistic a substantial reconstruction is in the near future.

Even in areas that Ukraine was able to recapture, there is no guarantee that new Russian attacks will not destroy what is being built with Western money.

In general, no one can say today which parts of Ukraine will remain independent, which limits planning.

And it is easier to decide in Lugano than to push through in Kyiv that Ukraine will become a green-democratic model country.

One shouldn't sugarcoat the problems with corruption and oligarchs, Western taxpayers' money shouldn't disappear into dark channels.

The confiscation of Russian foreign assets will not always be a way out.

She has to stand up in court.