“In the West, they are coming to understand that restrictive measures against a powerful state not only entail significant costs for those who introduce them, but also bring benefits to those who refuse to apply them,” the author of the article said.

Cellani expressed confidence that the difficulties that Western countries now face are proof of the limits of their real power.

He stressed that US President Joe Biden was too early to brag about “crushing the Russian economy” and “turning the ruble into ruins” because the West had already imposed all the sanctions it could, and the sanctions campaign ended up in a dead end.

The author noted that restrictions against Russia could lead to a change in the geopolitical situation in the world, strengthening the interaction between Moscow and Beijing.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that gloomy forecasts for the Russian economy did not come true.

As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten noted, the Russian president was right when he said that the West's economic blitzkrieg against Russia had failed because Moscow was "well prepared for an economic war."