Lasse Wähämäki estimates that 95 percent of the couple's collected family albums were thrown away after the basement where they were kept took in over a meter of water.

- You can not do anything about it, that is the problem.

Building new albums after 80 years is not easy, says Lasse Wähämäki.

The road became a gutter into the basement

It was on 3 July in the summer of 2021 that just over 165 millimeters of rain fell in two hours in Älghult in Uppvidinge municipality, according to the municipality's measurements.

The house where Wähämäki lives is located on a slightly sloping downhill slope.

The road turned into a gutter - straight into the couple's basement.

- Our sofa and chest of drawers floated around in the basement, says Lasse Wähämäki.