China News Service, July 5th. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei broke the news that the DPP nominated Taoyuan mayor candidate Lin Zhijian, the current mayor of Hsinchu, and the master's thesis published in Taiwan's Chung Hwa University in 2008 is suspected of being involved. Plagiarized from the final report of Hsinchu Science Park in June of the same year.

  The two papers are very similar, not only the content is almost the same, including the charts, citations, appendices, and even typos are almost the same.

Wang Hongwei said that Lin Zhijian's plagiarism object was the case handled by the public bidding committee of the Hsinchu Science Park, which was equivalent to plagiarizing government property, and the circumstances were more serious than general academic plagiarism.

  "There is no problem at all in the middle process..." Lin Zhijian pointed out in an interview on the evening of the 4th that the content of these revelations had been disclosed before. This is not news, it is old news, and he can definitely stand the test.

When the reporter asked about writing the paper and co-publishing the article, did he know that this was the final report of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration outsourced?

He replied, "No problem, no problem with my paper."

  However, Chen Shuzhu, deputy director of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration, was surprised in an interview on the evening of the 4th and said that he had never heard the relevant statement. Since it is a final report that is outsourced by the Science and Technology Administration, the intellectual property rights belong to the Science and Technology Administration. , it may be necessary to call out the entrustment contract signed with Chung Hwa University in Taiwan to clarify.

Chung Hwa University in Taiwan stated that it is asking the teachers of the Department of Management to participate in the process of this final report and thesis, and it is temporarily unable to respond.

  According to the information obtained by Wang Hongwei, Hsinchu Science Park announced this outsourcing case in December 2007, with an amount of NT$450,000;

On June 20 of the following year, the Department of Science and Technology Management completed and announced the final report of the Hsinchu Science Park. The signed hosts of the report were Associate Professor Li Youzheng and Professor Wang Minglang of the Department of Management.

Ten days later, on July 1st, Lin Zhijian passed the master's thesis review. Lin Zhijian's supervisor was He Lixing, associate professor of Chung Hwa University in Taiwan.

  Wang Hongwei compared the data and found that Lin Zhijian's master's thesis not only has a very similar title to the report of the Bamboo Science and Technology Commission, but also has almost the same content; the first chapter "Introduction" is copied from the first line to the last paragraph.