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The return of


to the city of


after two breaks due to the pandemic already adds one more controversy.

In addition to the tense presentation with two


councilors leaving the room after statements by the organizers and the dispute over noise limits, a third controversy was added last night: the suspension of concerts in the

Plaza del Rey,


Plaza de las Reinas,

scheduled for this Wednesday.

It was already 11:00 p.m. when the following message appeared on the official Pride account: "For reasons unrelated to the organization, the programming of the Plaza de las Reinas is suspended."

Without further explanation less than 24 hours from the start.

Sources consulted by this newspaper point to the

works in the Salesas area

as the cause of this cancellation.

In fact, according to the organizers, the squares of

Pedro Zerolo



will maintain their programming as normal, as well as the proclamation that will be carried out by


But neither



Elena Farga




Fulanita Djs

will be able to carry out their performances in the Plaza de las Reinas.

Thus, one more incident is added to a Pride that has been marked by clashes between the promoters and the

City Council

of the capital.

Already in her presentation, the president of the

State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (FELGTB), Uge Sangil,

accused the mayor of "not representing all citizens" and of promoting "a sign of


for not placing the rainbow flag on the facade of


A few words that made the popular councilors

José Fernández


Almudena Maíllo

present at the event get up and leave the room.

From Cibeles they defended themselves by assuring that the facade of the Palace and the Cibeles Fountain would be illuminated with the colors of the group.

Just a few days later the crash was caused by the exemption of noise levels.

The municipal government refused to carry it out as it was done in the


stage and as the organizers requested.

In fact, this noise has been limited until 2:30 am in the concert areas due to the presence of the

Acoustic Protection Zone.

In the City Council they point out that this measure is established to guarantee the rest of the residents of


while the organizers insist that these levels "seriously compromise the viability" of the Pride because they are "insufficient".

And they rely on the fact that these levels can be excepted as it is a celebration declared to be of general interest.

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