On July 4, local time, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Ukrainian armed forces lost more than 5,000 people in the Battle of Lisichansk.

  Shoigu reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Russian army's operation in Luhansk was a success.

Within two weeks, Ukrainian groups in the Lisichansk and Severo-Donetsk regions were surrounded and eliminated.

The Russian army and the Luhansk militia control a total of 670 square kilometers of territory.

The Ukrainian army lost a total of 5,469 people, of which 2,218 were killed.

  According to Shoigu, the Ukrainian army also lost 196 tanks and armored vehicles, 12 aircraft, 1 helicopter, 65 drones, 6 long-range anti-aircraft missile systems, 97 multiple rocket systems, 166 field artillery and Artillery, 216 vehicles of various types, etc.

Among them, the Ukrainian army abandoned 39 tanks and armored vehicles, 11 artillery pieces and mortars in Lisichansk.

  Shoigu said that the Russian army will continue to carry out special operations. Currently, the Russian army is demining the city of Lisichansk, delivering humanitarian supplies and providing medical assistance.

(produced by Xu Miaoqiao)

Responsible editor: [Chen Wentao]