It seems that Russia's aides to President Vladimir Putin have made a series of remarks to restrain Japan, and are aiming to shake up Japan's imposition of sanctions on Russia in step with Europe and the United States.

Mr. Medvejev, the former president of Russia and now the vice chairman of the Security Council, posted on SNS on the 5th, and Prime Minister Kishida said, "We are trying to set the upper limit of Russian oil prices to half of the current price." "If that happens, less oil will be on the market and prices will rise," he said.

He restrained Japan, saying, "Japan will not be able to obtain oil or gas from Russia. It will not be able to participate in Sakhalin 2."

"Sakhalin 2" is an oil and natural gas development project underway in the Far East of Russia with the investment of a major Japanese trading company. Russian President Vladimir Putin will change the business entity of "Sakhalin 2" to a Russian company on the 30th of last month. It has also been pointed out that the Japanese side may not be involved in the operation by signing a presidential decree ordering it.

In addition, one of Putin's closest aides, the Secretary of the Security Council, Patrushev, blamed Japan at a meeting on the 5th, unilaterally claiming that "Japan is becoming more retaliatory" in areas including the Northern Territories. Did.

Russia is intensifying its opposition to Japan's imposition of sanctions in step with Europe and the United States, and it seems that there is an aim to shake Japan in the background of a series of hard-line statements from Putin's aides. ..