When the National Board of Health and Welfare at the end of 2021 measured how many different people from the home care service a patient meets during a two-week period, Oxelösund ended up in last place in the whole country.

Then a person with home care met an average of 24 different staff, an increase from 19 in the two previous years, and 11 in the survey in 2018.

• In the clip above: Kerstin Lindh talks about her experience of a five-week period with home care.

The home care service in Oxelösund has been the subject of debate in recent years.

During the past term of office, most of the municipality's goals in elderly care have pointed in a negative direction.

It shows a review of the municipality's annual reports.

Focus on home care

Linus Fogel (S), chairman of the care and welfare committee, tells SVT that the home care service is an area they focus on, and admits that the figures do not look so good.

However, he believes that they can largely be explained by the time of the survey and previous reorganisations.

- We had an organization that was a bit big and we have got it down now.

Scheduling is very important so that you get as few people as possible to go to a patient, he says.

Private options or not?

Here you hear how politicians want to improve the situation in the home care service