A Korean mathematician was the first to receive the Fields Medal, also called the Nobel Prize in mathematics.

Professor Heo Jun-i, a professor at Princeton University in the United States and a distinguished professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is the protagonist.

Only people under the age of 40 can receive this award, and it is selected once every four years, so it is considered the world's most prestigious award in the world of mathematics.

First of all, this is reporter Kim Young-ah.


[The winner is Jun-i Heo of Princeton University.]

At the Fields Award Ceremony held in Helsinki, Finland, Professor Jun-yi Heo was the second among the four co-winners this year to be placed on the podium.

The Fields Medal is the most prestigious award in mathematics, awarded every four years to young mathematicians who have achieved international achievements.

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Together with the Abel Prize, which evaluates achievements in a lifetime, it is called the Nobel Prize in mathematics.

Professor Huh is the first Korean mathematician to receive the Fields Medal.

[Professor Junyi Heo/ Recipient of Fields Medal in 2022: Mathematics is a discipline that explores what truth is and why it is truth.

We all have to find our own way.]

After leaving to study in the United States for a doctoral program, Professor Huh received the Fields Award for proving long-standing mathematical difficulties such as 'Lead Conjecture' and 'Rota Conjecture' raised in 1968 one after another. It has been evaluated that it is likely to win the award. 

He was especially recognized for his work that bridged the different branches of mathematics: 'combinatorial theory' and 'algebraic geometry'. 

[Choi Jae-kyung / Dean of Higher Sciences: It is necessary to master both fields, but it can be seen that Professor Heo Jun-yi has opened a new horizon.]

In particular, the Fields Award is for scholars under the age of 40, who will lead the future of the world of mathematics. It means being recognized as a leader.

For Professor Huh, who is 39 years old, this was also the last year to receive the award.

Professor Huh's award is expected to provide a great stimulus and development opportunity for the Korean mathematics world.

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