At an international conference held in Switzerland to discuss the reconstruction of Ukraine, which has been severely damaged by Russia's military invasion, representatives from each country explained their support policies on the 5th.

Of these, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Suzuki, who is present on behalf of Japan, expressed his intention to provide strong support based on his experience of recovery from the earthquake.

In Lugano, southern Switzerland, an international conference has been held since the 4th, where the Ukrainian government, government officials from about 40 countries, and representatives of international organizations such as the World Bank discuss reconstruction.

On the final day of the meeting, the 5th, representatives from each country explained their policies on how to support Ukraine in the future.

Among them, Deputy Foreign Minister Suzuki, who is present on behalf of Japan, said, "Japan has achieved economic development from the devastation after the war, and has achieved recovery from repeated natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake." He stated that he would make an active contribution by making the best use of his experience, and expressed his intention to strongly support the reconstruction of Ukraine in cooperation with the international community.

At this meeting, the Ukrainian government emphasized that at present, a total of about 750 billion dollars, or more than 100 trillion yen in Japanese yen, will be required to proceed with restoration and reconstruction.

The Ukrainian side has positioned this conference as the starting point for reconstruction and confirmed the policy of each country to support each other, but as Russia's military invasion has been prolonged and the future is uncertain, it will cost a lot of money for restoration and reconstruction. The challenge is how to proceed concretely.

The meeting will be closed with a closing press conference by Swiss President Cassis and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.