• Networks Chiara Ferragni celebrates ten years as an 'influencer' in Spain: "I want to be an inspiration"

To speak of Chiara Ferragni is to speak of the Italian influencer par excellence and one of the most important on the planet.

More than 27 million followers on Instagram and another 5 on TikTok endorse him.

Everyone pays attention to the interesting content that she publishes on her social networks, but what they may not have expected was that she would become viral for imitating Belén Esteban.

As surprising as it may seem,

Ferragni has caused a sensation

by creating a video on the network of Chinese origin in which he poses as the princess of the people.

In it she appears responding to a daily situation: "when your friends say no to an aperitif", to which Chiara replies

: "Excuse me? Excuse me? Are we crazy?",

with the voice of the collaborator of

Save me


A hilarious moment with that of San Blas and one of his most emblematic phrases as protagonists, which makes it clear that

Bethlehem crosses borders and that in Italy she is also well known.

Chiara Ferragni's TikTok has traveled the corners of the world and, coincidences of life

, has ended up in Belén Esteban herself


The Madrilenian posted it on her Instagram stories after seeing Dulceida, who was the one who collected it on her account.

A good display of humor on her part and one that she appreciates.

It must be remembered that Jesulín de Ubrique's ex

is still on leave

, recovering from the broken tibia and fibula that she suffered after her spectacular fall in

Save me

, for which she needed to undergo surgery.

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Fedez reveals that his tumor is the same as that of Steve Jobs, "a very rare cancer"


Fedez reveals that his tumor is the same as that of Steve Jobs, "a very rare cancer"

Chiara Ferragni's life has changed substantially in recent times.

After living between Los Angeles and Milan since 2015, she has decided to put up for sale her charming Hollywood bungalow, which she bought about seven years ago for just under 2 million.

Her starting price is 2.5 million but before transferring it, the Italian has gotten rid of her coveted dressing room, including shoes, bags and other accessories.

Currently, she resides in a stunning Zaha Hadid-designed apartment in Milan while she finalizes her move to a

two-story penthouse

in an imposing tower by Daniel Libeskind.

Chiara experienced the bitter face of life a few months ago due to the serious health problem experienced by her husband, the rapper Fedez, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Fortunately, the radiotherapy treatment is going well and "at 90% everything is going well", in her own words.

However, this blow has completely changed her perspective on life.

Both got married in 2018 and have formed a beautiful family with their two children:

Vittoria and Leone


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