"Hong Kong's future is inseparable from the country's future" (Bauhinia Blossoms interview)

  ——Interview with Chen Zhenbin, general convener of "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection"

  Our reporter Chen Ranjinchen "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (Page 04, July 05, 2022)

  "In the past 25 years, no matter what storms and waves Hong Kong has encountered, the motherland is a strong backing." Speaking of the country's support for Hong Kong after Hong Kong's return, Chen Zhenbin, deputy to the Hong Kong National People's Congress and general convener of the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection", was excited Say.

  The original intention does not change:

  Rooted in Hong Kong and dedicated to the motherland

  In the mid-1970s, after graduating from middle school, Chen Zhenbin, who was originally from Chaozhou, Guangdong, was introduced by a friend to work as a clerk in a Gu embroidery factory that was engaged in foreign trade export, and part-time garment apprenticeship.

"At that time, most of my classmates went to office buildings to work as clerks, but I saw that Hong Kong's manufacturing industry was developing very well, so I wanted to learn a skill." Chen Zhenbin recalled.

In 1979, Chen Zhenbin opened his first garment factory with about 2,000 Hong Kong dollars.

With excellent quality and good reputation, Chen Zhenbin's garment factory is getting better and better, and the business is getting bigger and bigger.

  On July 1, 1997, Chen Zhenbin, as a representative of local industrialists, was invited to participate in the handover ceremony of the Chinese and British governments in Hong Kong held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

Seeing the five-star red flag and the Bauhinia flag rising, Chen Zhenbin sighed with emotion, "It was like a wandering wanderer finally returning to his hometown, and I couldn't stop crying in the audience."

  After the return of Hong Kong, the industrial structure has been gradually transformed, and Chen Zhenbin has gradually put the focus of his work on serving the community and uniting neighbors. "There are more than 1 million Chaozhou people in Hong Kong. We have never changed our roots in Hong Kong and devoting ourselves to the motherland. Wish and Mission".

  In 2001, the Federation of Hong Kong Teochew Associations, initiated by celebrities from all walks of life in Chaozhou, was established, and Chen Zhenbin was one of them.

There are more than 160,000 groups and individual members of the association. As the chairman of the association, Chen Zhenbin has been committed to rallying the forces of all parties, actively participating in community affairs, and organizing activities to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture for many years; the association also regularly organizes exchange groups, Organizing Hong Kong youths to visit various provinces in the mainland, "walking through the magnificent rivers and mountains of the mainland of the motherland in person, and feeling the rapid development of the country at close range, what better teaching material for patriotism is there?" Chen Zhenbin said.

  Fight against the epidemic:

  Central support, solidarity from all walks of life

  At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of new coronary pneumonia disrupted the lives of Hong Kong citizens and made Chen Zhenbin anxious.

  On February 6 of the same year, the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection", convened by Chen Zhenbin and co-sponsored by more than 30 representatives from all walks of life, was officially established. Active force, integrate social resources, and provide citizens with anti-epidemic materials and daily necessities."

  Under the organization of Chen Zhenbin, everyone gathered into a tower: In just a few days, "Connect" purchased nearly one million masks and hundreds of thousands of disinfectants from many places around the world, and a large number of orders were being made at the same time; Its supermarkets put in batches of rice, canned food and other foods, and sell them at cost prices; professional medical staff take turns on duty and are obliged to provide health support, psychological counseling and health protection services to families with elderly or young children...

  "Everyone thinks in one place and works hard in one place," Chen Zhenbin said.

For more than two years, "Connect" has continuously raised funds and materials, and has joined hands with the Volunteer Alliance to set up the "Hong Kong Anti-epidemic Volunteer Alliance" to work with the public to tide over the difficulties.

  "In addition to the support and help from all walks of life in Hong Kong, what I want to thank most is the country's selfless help. We will never forget this family relationship that is thicker than water." Looking back at the critical situation of the fifth wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong at the beginning of this year, Chen Zhenbin said, " Batches of urgently needed medical and living materials arrived in Hong Kong in a timely manner, one by one Fangcang shelter hospital projects were quickly completed and put into use, and teams of epidemic prevention and control experts and medical staff rushed to help Hong Kong..."

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Chen Zhenbin, who cares about the community, has always adhered to the front line of the fight against the epidemic. He organized volunteers to deliver medicine and food to people who are quarantined at home, provide escort services for the elderly who have been vaccinated, and set up 50 telephone hotlines to help those in need. "It is roughly estimated that 'Connection' and other related organizations have so far dispatched 200,000 volunteers and distributed more than 60 million supplies, covering more than 5 million people." Chen Zhenbin said.

  Youth Development:

  Dedicate to the country with one's own strengths

  On July 1, 2021, Chen Zhenbin was awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in recognition of his dedication to promoting the development of Hong Kong youth and his unremitting efforts for the well-being of society.

  In 2003, he was appointed as the chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Summer Activities Committee. In 2007, he established the Hong Kong Youth Development Association. In 2009, he was appointed as the chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Commission. In 2015, he founded the Hong Kong Youth Army Association. .

He also serves as the deputy secretary general of the "Hong Kong Restart Alliance" and the consultant of the United Hong Kong Fund, and does his best to serve Hong Kong.

  Chen Zhenbin believes that the national "14th Five-Year Plan" and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have built a broad stage for Hong Kong with unlimited potential. .

  To this day, Chen Zhenbin still maintains the habit of meeting and communicating with Hong Kong university students every month. Even during the epidemic, the communication by video has never been interrupted.

"I encourage them to have a positive and optimistic attitude, take difficulties as challenges, and be willing to endure hardships and try. Only then can they be a new force in building Hong Kong and contributing to the country!" Chen Zhenbin said.