The second search term for clicking is 'Wasabi Terror', a Japanese restaurant.

A story was told that a Korean woman living in Japan was discriminated against at a famous sushi restaurant in Ginza.

The Korean woman, Mr. A, said that the taste and service of the food, which was not unusual at the beginning of her meal, started to change after she found out that Mr. A was a foreigner, she said.

At first glance, she says, food was dishonestly laid out, and bugs were found on the table, but not removed, she says.

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He said the sushi had become so wasabi-flavored and salty that he lost his sense of taste on his tongue.

Food terrorism targeting Koreans at Japanese restaurants has occurred several times in the past.

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In 2016, a sushi restaurant in Osaka became a problem because they put a lot of wasabi in their sushi and then gave it to Koreans. I have bought it.

Netizens responded, "Once again, I have made up my mind. I will not go to Japan in the future!", "Such childish behavior stems from a sense of inferiority. Let's not deal with it."

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