“Seriously speaking, if we want to save networks, and they need to be saved ... we need to think, I don’t know, about parallel rental, about compulsory licensing,” TASS quotes him.

Shvydkoi noted that at least 200-250 films would need to be made in Russia to save movie theaters, but less than a hundred of them are being released in the country at the moment. 

At the same time, he stressed that the growth in the share of Russian cinema over the past year has been good.

“Russian cinema occupied a quarter of the total cinema repertoire in terms of box office and repertoire,” Shvydkoy added.

In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law legalizing parallel imports by 2022.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia previously adjusted the list of goods for parallel imports, it is planned to add LEGO to it, as well as exclude Duracell and Merries.