China News Service, July 5. According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmegar said at the International Conference on Ukraine Reconstruction held in Switzerland on the 4th that Ukraine expects to need 750 billion US dollars to complete the three-stage reconstruction plan, including rebuilding the foundation. facilities, the construction of temporary housing, hospitals and schools, and the long-term renovation of the country.

Data map: On April 21, local time, residents of Riupol fled their homes.

  According to Reuters, Shmegar also pointed out that the Ukrainian side believes that the key source of funding for the reconstruction plan should be the confiscated assets of Russian tycoons.

  The report said that the participants also included the President of the European Commission, representatives of the United Kingdom, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and other countries.

Among them, the British Foreign Secretary Truss announced a package of support plans to help Ukraine rebuild, and explained the short-term and long-term planning of aid to Ukraine.