Negotiations have been ongoing over the weekend and will resume at eight o'clock on Monday morning.

Jan Levi Skogvang, leader of SAS Norway's pilot association, confirms this to TT.

However, he does not comment on how the negotiations are progressing.

During the negotiations, the deadline has been postponed several times, but Skogvang is cautiously positive that the negotiations can end at twelve o'clock.

- That's the plan, I do not know.

We'll see, says Skogvang.

On Sunday, partly contradictory messages came from the parties about how the discussions progressed.

- We work at a good pace, so there is at least development and will on both sides.

This does not mean that you agree on everything, there are still many points that require a solution, Skogvang said then.

Later on Sunday, SAS's chief negotiator Marianne Hernæs said that the parties "are still far apart".