It's a tragedy: once again, activists have managed to prevent a lecture at a university that they don't like.

The Humboldt University in Berlin canceled a performance by the biologist Marie-Luise Vollbrecht after a left-wing group accused her of transphobia and threatened to see each other "on the street".

Instead of standing up for freedom of expression and a variety of discussions, the university decided to silence and bow to the left-wing terror of a minority.

In the meantime, such behavior has become a tradition at universities.

Again and again radical activists organize hunts for those who think differently and are successful.

Ensure security

The university even distanced itself from Vollbrecht's "opinions" and thus prejudiced a lecture that was not held.

But that's not all.

In addition, the university justified its decision with “security concerns”.

Apparently, anyone who thinks otherwise must expect worse than insults.

This is a sign of poverty.

The university should have provided security.

Then one would also have had the chance to deal with the content of Vollbrecht's lecture "Gender is not equal to gender.

Sex, gender and why there are only two sexes in biology”.