The House of Councilors election lasted for one week until the polling date.

On the last Sunday of the election campaign, on the 3rd, the leaders of each party called for support by appealing for the policies set forth in the street speech.

Liberal Democratic Party

Prime Minister Kishida, the president of the Liberal Democratic Party, gave a street speech in Shibuya, Tokyo. Over 60%, 90% of the elderly have completed the third vaccination. This is one of the highest vaccination rates in the G7, but we cannot be alert. We must proceed with the transition to. "


Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, made a street speech in Sapporo, saying, "Peace is not a simple world where you can get stronger with strong weapons, but you can put off education budgets and price measures and double defense spending. It's too bad to do it. You can't decide what's inside, but you shouldn't "get a budget anyway." The Constitutional Democratic Party has a security policy that doesn't come to mind seriously. "


Komeito representative Yamaguchi made a street speech in Yokohama, saying, "The opposition party is saying that the consumption tax should be lowered as a measure against prices, but the consumption tax has been used to enhance social security for all generations. It requires preparation and is not an urgent measure. It has no big picture, no sense of responsibility, no effect, and it ruins the economy. Don't leave politics to these people. "


Matsui, the representative of the Nippon Ishin no Kai, made a street speech in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, saying, "Members of the Diet are given preferential treatment. I get 1 million yen a month with a grab, and I don't need a receipt, so I don't know what I'm using. If the politicians who move the government offices are treated too much, the government offices will not change, so it is natural to carry out the reforms that cut the politicians first. "


Representative Tamaki of the Democratic Party for the People made a street speech in Yurakucho, Tokyo, saying, "The important issue for Japan is the declining birthrate" and "Let's support child-rearing." I know what to do. All I have to do is make a decision and do it. "


The Communist Party chairman, Kazuo Shii, made a street speech in Osaka City, saying, "It is only when we decide to immediately reduce the number of nuclear power plants to zero and withdraw from coal-fired power to save energy and re-energy. We cannot leave the politics to the irresponsible forces waving the flag of restart. "


Reiwa Shinsengumi's representative Yamamoto made a street speech in Yuraku-cho, Tokyo, saying, "In order to revive as a'manufacturing powerhouse', the government should actively buy Japanese products and strengthen production capacity. It spreads. This is national defense. "

Social Democratic Party

Fukushima, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, made a street speech in Shinjuku, Tokyo, saying, "Politics is to make people happy. Unless you change the current neoliberal politics, your suffering and difficulty in living will not change." rice field.

N party

The leader of the NHK party, Tachibana, made a street speech in Shinjuku, Tokyo, saying, "We will make people aware of the truth that is happening in this country and return to Japan, where people who live honestly are valued. We will control poison with poison." I did.

For the polling day on the 10th of this month, each party will do its utmost to expand its support by narrowing down the constituencies where executives will focus on supporting.