Peter Feldmann unites the Frankfurt Greens.

There is no other way to explain why the party's otherwise open-minded base on Saturday accepted without comment the path proposed by the Roman faction and party leadership on how to deal with the SPD mayor, who is suspected of corruption, in the coming months.

Or were the around 130 members of the Greens, who held their first district general meeting in the Alte Seilerei in Oberrad after a break of more than two years, more interested in chatting in the sunny courtyard of the event location?

After all, after the large increase in membership of the Greens on the occasion of the local and federal elections, many have never seen each other face to face.

Mechthild Harting

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Either way: The Greens base agrees that the parliamentary group in the Romans, together with the coalition partners SPD, FDP and Volt, after the motion of no confidence against Feldmann passed with a large majority in June, now in the next session of the city parliament on July 14th deselection requested.

As parliamentary group leader Dimitrios Bakakis announced, a corresponding application must be signed by at least half of the 93 city councilors by Wednesday, July 6, and delivered to the office of the city council.

"The signatures are there," said Bakakis, on Wednesday the deselection will officially begin.

A procedure that almost all factions in Romans share.

An “expensive, risky procedure”

Bakakis dismissed rumors that the SPD had doubts about this step, which was directed against the mayor from within its own ranks.

"The factions stand firmly together." Claims that the coalition is in crisis are wrong.

"That's not the case."

The leader of the Greens has little hope that the mayor's attitude will change by next Wednesday, that Feldmann will resign from office and thus make the motion to be voted out of office superfluous.

If this application receives the required two-thirds majority in the city parliament on July 14 - specifically 62 of the city councilors have to vote for the vote - the mayor has another week to stop the vote-out procedure.

He would then immediately resign from office.

"That would be the most comfortable option for everyone involved," said Bakakis.

If Feldmann continues to refuse to resign, the vote will actually be taken by the citizens, which is expected to take place on November 6th.

This is an "expensive, risky process," said the Green politician, one that "further damages democracy."

But the Greens in Römer felt it was their duty to take this step in order to ask the citizens whether they wanted to hold on to this mayor.

Bakakis has repeatedly warned, including this Saturday, of the "ugly situation" associated with campaigning for voters to be voted out of office.

It is all the more important to focus on positive content.

The majority in Römer want to do everything together for "a more appropriate and dignified representation" of the city.

Chance for Frankfurt

"We need a fresh start," demanded Martina Feldmayer, member of the state parliament, and spoke out in favor of a "joint campaign to vote out all democratic parties".

"You don't have to get dirty," she said, but should instead "find a common tenor."

It is important to "turn positively" on the political discussion in the coming weeks.

Feldmayer warned that the mayor himself was already in the middle of his campaign.

"We have to do something to counter that."

"We have to manage to come across positively," said board member Burkhard Schwetje, "we have to get involved in order for this to work." The worst that could happen is that the deselection fails and Feldmann emerges as the winner of the citizens' decision if also damaged.

Julia Frank and Götz von Stumpfeldt, who form the party leadership as a speaker duo, also called for joint action by all democratic parties.

Coalition and parties must remain closely coordinated, said Stumpfeldt.

Frank added: "We have to make it clear why the deselection procedure is correct", why it means an opportunity for Frankfurt.

What is needed until November are justifications, explanations and perspectives.

Ultimately, according to Frank, it must be clear