Andrei Andrusyk and his partner Solomia were on their way home from Abisko where they saw the northern lights for the first time.

During the journey home through Sweden, the messages came from loved ones: War had broken out in the homeland of Ukraine and it was too dangerous to travel home.

They decided to stay in Sweden and soon got in touch with Uppsala resident Fredrik Leijerstam who offered them to stay with him.

"A friendship that will last for many years"

Recently, after three months in Uppsala, Andrej and Solomia returned home to Ukraine.

Fredrik remains in Upppsala, looking forward to meeting them when the war is over.

- We have a friendship that will remain for many years to come, I look forward to visiting them in their Ukraine, says Fredrik Leijerstam.

Hear more from Fredrik and see when he calls Andrej on his mobile.

Fredrik Leijerstam is politically active and is currently chairman of the Green Party in Uppsala municipality and a member of the hospital board in the regional council.