Steps to solve the death of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh have sparked fresh conflict between the parties involved.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) said on Saturday it was handing over the bullet from the shot that killed the journalist during an Israeli military operation in mid-May to the United States for an investigation.

Apparently the bullet was handed over to the American security coordinator for the PA that evening.

Christian Meier

Political correspondent for the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

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While the PA says it has ruled out that the bullet would be handed over to Israel, the Israeli army spokesman said on Sunday that the investigation would be conducted by Israel, in the presence of Americans.

"In the coming days or hours it will become clear whether we shot them accidentally or whether it was the Palestinian gunmen," Ran Kochav told army radio.

If it turns out that Israel was responsible for the death of Abu Akleh, "we will take responsibility".

According to Israeli officials, the investigation came about through the mediation of the new Israeli Prime Minister, Jair Lapid.

Army spokesman Kochav said the Palestinians have agreed to the move.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Attorney General Akram al-Khatib also said Sunday the investigation should take place at the American Embassy in Jerusalem.

A ballistics examination can reveal whether the bullet was fired from a particular weapon.

The PA does not trust Israeli intelligence

Abu Akleh was reporting on an Israeli military operation in the refugee camp in the Palestinian city of Jenin when she was shot in the head on the morning of May 11.

She had worn a helmet and a protective vest and had been identified as a journalist.

While Al Jazeera and the Palestinians immediately blamed Israel for the 51-year-old's death, the Israeli army and government initially suggested she died as a result of unaimed Palestinian fire.

The army later announced that an accidental shot by a soldier could not be ruled out.

However, this could only be determined by a separate investigation, for which the ball had to be handed over.

However, the PA said it would not hand over the bullet because it did not trust the Israeli side to carry out an objective investigation.

In its investigation at the end of May, the Palestinian public prosecutor came to the conclusion that the army had deliberately killed Abu Akleh.

Based on their reconstructions of the incident, the United Nations, research organizations and the media have also come to the conclusion that the shot most likely came from the Israeli side.

While some of these investigations allege that the army fired specifically on the journalist and her colleagues, Israel has always vigorously denied any intent to kill.

A criminal investigation by the army police did not take place.

According to media reports, massive American pressure was crucial in the Palestinians' decision to hand over the ball.

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken spoke to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on the phone and stressed the importance of a credible investigation into the death of the American-Palestinian reporter.