Rep. Kang Hoon-shik of the Democratic Party of Korea held a press conference at the National Assembly on the morning of the 3rd and officially declared that he would run for the party representative election to be held at the 8/28 National Convention.

"Now is the time to end the time of shame and reflection and create a time for innovation and the future," Kang said.

Re-elected Rep. Kang, born in 1973, belongs to the so-called '97 group,' who was born in the 90s and was born in the 70s.

It is the third time Group 97 has declared a party challenge after Kang Byung-won and Park Yong-jin.

Rep. Kang said, "I did not stand here simply for a generational change," he said. "To restore the basics and common sense within us, to show the people what politics is useful, and thus to create a heart-pounding Democratic Party again. I am standing here,” he said.

“The presidential candidate I risked everything I ran for a by-election in a region with no ties or justification, and the 5th term party leader who served as the group leader in Incheon was severely judged by Seoul citizens,” he said. were criticized side by side.

Rep. Kang said, "Only a new breakthrough can turn people's eyes back to the Democratic Party." He said, "I will win the general election in two years and change it to a Democratic Party that brings the government back in the presidential election five years later."

(Photo = Courtesy of Hoon-sik Kang, Yonhap News)