TV viewers knew William Cohn as announcer and sidekick for entertainer Jan Böhmermann.

He was in almost every episode of the ZDFneo show "Neo Magazin Royale".

In the talk format "Roche & Böhmermann" he introduced the guests, where his popularity began in 2012, when he appeared with thick Helmut Kohl glasses.

His pointed texts, biting comments and witty statements counteracted his appearance - in addition to the glasses, the brightly colored sweater and the self-confidently displayed half-bald head - contributed to his popularity and made him a cult figure.

As an actor, Cohn played smaller roles in television series and films such as "Kupetzky" and "House of Boys", later also in "Together Forever" and "Der Alte", made a name for himself as a voice actor with his sonorous bass voice - and was also an author active.

In 2017, his book "Cohn's good tone - elegant through all situations in life", a guide to behavior, was published.

As Cohn's management confirmed on Saturday, the actor, singer, author and speaker died "suddenly and unexpectedly" in Basel on Thursday.

He was 65 years old.