• Something new in the Elsau district of Strasbourg, a "syringe kiosk" has been set up at a crossroads.

  • The place was not chosen at random.

    “It is an important place of passage and sale [of drugs]”, explains the association Ithaque.

  • How does it work ?

    What is it used for ?

    20 Minutes

    explains all this to you.

A large metal box about 1.70 m, over a meter wide.

Above, several green crosses and instructions for use.

Simple enough.

“Either we have a token that we give in our structures and that distributes a steribox;

or you don't have one and you can then get one by putting in your used syringe,” explains Gauthier Waeckerlé.

The director of the Ithaque association, a reception, prevention and care structure "concerning all addictions" in Strasbourg, does not hide his satisfaction.

This new “collector-exchanger”, the second in the Alsatian capital after the one installed behind the station (rue de Sarrelouis) twelve years ago, should meet a need.

"A complementary tool" to the shooting room

Because the place was not chosen at random.

At this corner of rue des Imprimeurs and rue de la Montagne Verte, many users of heroin or crack used to meet.

The “Grunebergbleiche” allotment gardens and the nearby river Ill are all refuges.

"Like the bridge over there, often squatted", explains Lucie, well informed on the subject.

"It was a place of passage and sale [of drugs] important", summarizes Gauthier Waeckerlé, who sees only advantages in the establishment of this "syringe kiosk".

“It will often be used in the evening, when most structures are closed or people don't want to go there.


Rather than going to a pharmacy, for example, and paying one euro for the steribox, the distributor will thus be an alternative.

But isn't there a risk of keeping some people away from the lower-risk consumption room (“shooting room”) next to the Civil Hospital?

“It is an additional risk reduction tool.

Our goal is for people to have more and more access to these tools,” insists the specialist.

“With all this, we are really moving towards a reduction of risks and damage”, adds the deputy mayor of Strasbourg in charge of health, Alexandre Feltz.

“With the wrong equipment, you can catch sepsis and lots of other illnesses.


"We do not find all types of syringes"

The only small concern pointed out by a consumer in full treatment, "we can't find all types of syringes" in the kiosk.

Only the smallest, for the veins of the arms, are accessible.

“We can have bigger ones in our places of reception”, answers Gauthier Waeckerlé who estimates at approximately “1,800 to 2,000 people per year” the number of consumers in the largest city of Bas-Rhin.

Many of whom passed through or often stayed in this district of Elsau.

"Some residents complained about finding syringes on the ground and had fears," said Hülliya Turan, the local elected representative.

“There, it should allow you to see less on the ground.

This protection is very important for the district.

» Who must now be convinced… « We still have a lot of prevention work to explain that it will not attract new consumers here.

They were already there and would not have left.

It will just protect them better, ”concludes Lucie.


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