[Global Web Report] TASS reported on the 2nd that Polish Sports Minister Kamil Boltnicchuk announced at a briefing on July 1, local time, that sports ministerial officials from 33 countries signed a joint statement. , demanded to suspend the membership of Russia and Belarus in international sports associations, etc.

According to reports, in response to the matter, Russian Sports Minister Oleg Mattchin later responded that the statement was discriminatory and violated the principle of the state's non-interference in independent sports organizations.

  According to reports, Boltnicchuk said that in view of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, sports ministerial officials of 33 countries signed a joint statement demanding that Russia and Belarus be excluded from the international associations of various sports and suspended in the Both countries broadcast events hosted by international sports federations.

The statement was signed by the sports ministers of 25 EU countries, as well as the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Norway and Canada, the report said.

  Russia's Sports Minister Oleg Matchin responded later on this matter, saying that the sports ministers of the 33 countries who signed the statement "contradicted the state's position of non-interference in the operation of independent sports organizations," TASS said.

“On the one hand, we have seen (some) sports associations working because they admit Russian athletes to international competitions and understand the importance of cooperating with our representatives in the associations,” Mattchin said. “On the other hand, , there are such blatantly discriminatory collective claims. In fact, such statements do not protect the interests of athletes.”

  "It is even more important now that we are actively working with all countries that are ready to develop sport through international associations open competition, exchange of experience and professional dialogue," Mattchin said.

  TASS mentioned that in view of the situation in Ukraine, the International Olympic Committee proposed to various international sports associations on February 28 that Russian and Belarusian athletes should be banned from participating in international sports events. qualification for an international sporting event.