Louis de Raguenel, edited by Ophélie Artaud 7:12 p.m., July 02, 2022

A few days before the government reshuffle, Emmanuel Macron wants to believe that his second five-year term is not stillborn.

After the reverse of the legislative elections, the President, as well as several ministers from the left, are trying to convince the opposition deputies before the vote of confidence which will take place on Wednesday in the National Assembly.

The wavering period seems to have already lasted too long.

With the reshuffle expected to take place next week, many are getting impatient.

"Because of the presidential election, we have not had clear guidelines since February. It is unheard of to be stopped for so long!", Laments an important minister.

After more than four months of false flat, punctuated by the presidential then the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron wants to believe that his second five-year term is not stillborn.

Convince the "Macron compatible" deputies

So this weekend, the President, Élisabeth Borne or Gérald Darmanin, Bruno Le Maire as well as other ministers from the left are making phone calls to try to convince opposition deputies, deemed "Macron compatible".

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The objective is to encourage them either to vote for confidence or to abstain next Wednesday in the National Assembly.

The goal is to obtain the symbolic confidence, if not political, of the new government team, whose poster must be unveiled at the beginning of the week.

Next step: the law on purchasing power

The next trial by fire for the government will be the bill on purchasing power to find out if a compromise exists on this text.

Because if this is the case, the compromise will also be possible on others.

But each group in the National Assembly has very definite ideas on the subject.

The National Rally wants for example to lower the VAT of certain products, while the left asks for a Smic at 1500 euros.

Two proposals that the President rejects for the moment. 

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After trying to save time, pushing back deadlines, the dice are almost cast.

Emmanuel Macron will know next week if his strategy worked.