When the leaders of the G7 countries condemned North Korea's recent missile test launch, North Korea strongly opposed it, saying it was "exercising the right to legal self-defense."

In response to the Korean Central News Agency, Cho Cheol-soo, director of international organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "The measure to strengthen self-defense is the right to just and legitimate self-defense to protect national rights and interests from the threat of the United States, the world's largest nuclear power and a destroyer of international peace and security. No one has the right to argue with the event.”

Aiming at the U.S., a member of the G7, they poured out primary criticism.

Cho Cheol-su, director of North Korea's Foreign Ministry, said, "As the world's largest nuclear power (in the G7), there are countries that invest an astronomical amount of money to develop, deploy, and sell aggressive killing devices on a massive scale, and even spread nuclear technology to realize their ambitions for hegemony. ' he shot.

In addition, "a country that violently violated international laws, invaded sovereign countries, and slaughtered numerous innocent civilians" There are also countries that have failed the most quarantine measures that have caused losses.”

Previously, the G7 leaders announced a joint statement after the three-day summit held in Elmau, Bavaria, Germany on the 28th of last month, saying, "On March 24 and May 25, North Korea's continuous and illegal activities, including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), "We strongly condemn the ballistic missile test launch," he said.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)