China News Service, July 2. According to a report by "Russia Today" on July 1, Jeffrey Sachs, chairman of the new crown committee of the international medical journal "The Lancet", said that the new crown virus may not come from nature, but It may have originated from an accident in a US biotechnology laboratory.

Data map: New York, the United States, people register for testing at a new coronavirus testing point in Times Square.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Fan

  Sachs reportedly said, "In my opinion, this is a mistake of biotechnology, not an accident of natural overflow".

  Sachs also said that while "we're not sure" this was the case, there was "sufficient evidence" pointing to it and "it should be studied", but that it "has not been investigated in the U.S. or anywhere else."

  Earlier in May, Neil Harrison, a professor of molecular pharmacology and therapeutics at Sachs and Columbia University, wrote an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggesting that the new coronavirus may have originated in a laboratory.

They advocate greater transparency at U.S. federal agencies and universities, while pointing out that much of the evidence has not been disclosed.

  Sachs and Harrison believe that virus databases, biological samples, virus sequences, and lab-related emails and notes, among others, could be used to help understand the origins of the pandemic.

But the material has not undergone what they claim to be "unrestricted, objective, scientific and transparent scrutiny."