Since taking the DNA test, Fernando Hermansson has found eleven siblings and over 100 cousins ​​in different parts of the world - from both his biological mother and father's side.

- It has been important for me to find my biological family to feel a kind of belonging, to my roots and where I come from.

Although of course I feel a sense of belonging to my family in Sweden.

Popular with DNA tests

Using DNA tests to trace their origin has become popular in recent years.

Today, there are several companies that offer these services and Fernando Hermansson's test came from the genealogy platform Myheritage.

- Everyone gets hits, then everyone gets different numbers and different proximity to the hits.

Some find close family, either as they did not know existed or as they searched for a long time, and some get meetings with distant relatives, says Daphna Bossik, Sweden manager Myheritage.