Fake, hide, cold, rough, fake: provincial party secretary criticizes style

  The policy of favoring enterprises has not been implemented for a long time, and the owners have repeatedly reported that the illegal construction of the community has failed, and there is still a phenomenon of shirking and wrangling when dealing with the demands of the masses... At the second-quarter work review meeting of 16 provincial cities in Anhui held on the morning of July 2, the provincial Zheng Shajie, secretary of the Party Committee, named and criticized the above-mentioned problems, and used the words "false, hidden, cold, rough, and false" to summarize the stubborn diseases in the current style of individual cadres.

  Specifically, "empty" means not doing enough work, not taking a pulse, talking about "marketization" in the mouth, and still "official standard" at heart.

To "hide" means to push as much as you can, and to drag as you can. New officials ignore old accounts and are used to drumming and passing flowers.

To be "cold" means to suffer from apathy, unable to compare one's heart with one's heart, or to think in a different position.

"Rough" means that the decision-making lacks justification, and the policy is changed day by day, which damages the government's image.

"Fake" means adding statistics and estimates, playing numbers games, and cheating.

  Zheng Shajie said frankly that since the provincial party committee and government implemented "one change and two actions" (that is, improving work style, doing practical things for the people, and optimizing the environment for enterprises), the business environment has improved a lot, the satisfaction of the masses has increased, and the style of cadres has improved. Indeed, many sub-field indicators in bidding are still at the forefront of the country.

Although the above problems and phenomena exist only in a very small number of cadres and public officials, they have a bad influence and must be taken seriously and eradicated.

  Zheng Shajie specifically pointed out that behind the issue of style is the issue of political achievements.

Leading cadres must handle the relationship between outstanding achievements and potential achievements.

For example, he gave an example of a county with a low economic size, a small population, and a small flow of people and vehicles. The road was repaired with 12 lanes, and the road was very luxurious, but there were few cars running on the road.

It is a concrete manifestation of the deviation of some cadres' view of political achievements and the mistakes of decision-making.

  To this end, Zheng Shajie emphasized that we should not underestimate the determination and strength of the Provincial Party Committee to grasp the style and implement it.

It also requires that the discipline inspection department should strictly investigate and punish those cadres who implement the central decision-making and deployment and the provincial party committee's work requirements, harm the interests of the masses, and make things difficult for enterprises in every possible way.

  The work meeting of the provincial municipalities held every quarter is an important institutional arrangement and work deployment implemented by the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government since this year.

Through special evaluation, in order to timely scheduling.

In the first half of the year, the province's GDP growth rate was initially expected to be higher than the national average, and the stable economic performance in the second quarter was further consolidated.

The meeting also redeployed the province's work in the third quarter from four aspects: stabilizing the economic market, optimizing the business environment, solving people's livelihood problems, and ensuring social stability.

Zheng Zhajie emphasized that cadres must have a sense of responsibility to "be at ease all the time", and they must grasp the work to the end until the problem is solved.

"We must be loyal and conscientious, strive to be the first, and strive to do all the work first-class and to the extreme!"

  People's Daily Client Anhui Channel

  Han Junjie