[Global Web Report] Boeing expressed "disappointment" on the 1st local time for the purchase of 292 Airbus A320NEO planes by three Chinese airlines from Airbus, according to Reuters, claiming that "geopolitical differences continue to limit the exports of U.S. aircraft," and urged "productive dialogue" between the U.S. and China.

  Before Boeing made this statement, on July 1, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and China Southern Airlines purchased 100, 96 and 96 Airbus A320NEO aircraft from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus respectively, totaling 292 Airbus A320NEO aircraft. The total amount is 37.257 billion US dollars.

  A320NEO is an improved model of Airbus A320 series aircraft. Thanks to cabin optimization and further improvement of engines, the single-seat fuel efficiency of Airbus A320NEO series aircraft is 20% higher than that of A320 series.

The NEO in the series name is the abbreviation of the English New Engine Option, that is, the new engine option.

  For the development of its own civil aviation industry, the normal procurement projects that Chinese airlines have cooperated with internationally renowned civil airlines have aroused great attention from the American media.

  The US Bloomberg article on the 1st titled "The impact of Airbus's $37 billion Chinese jet deal on Boeing" directly pointed out the huge impact of the China-Europe procurement contract on Boeing in the United States.

  A few days ago, an article on the US political website also seemed to want to use the method of smearing Airbus to make an excuse for Boeing's decline in China's market share.

The headline of the article was "Report says EU Airbus has deep ties to China's military-industrial complex," and said that while Boeing's aircraft sales in China were hit by the U.S.-China trade war under former U.S. President Donald Trump, But Airbus has had more success in China.

Since entering the Chinese market in the mid-1980s, Airbus has localized like several other multinationals.

Airbus has opted to build its only non-European wide-body A330 final assembly line in the city of Tianjin, according to a new report from US consultancy Horizon Advisory.

  In this regard, there is a view that the American media is full of "envy, jealousy and hatred" for Airbus' development in China, thus pulling out the so-called "European company has a connection with the Chinese military-industrial complex", which is completely unreasonable hype, and it is hardly worth refuting .

Factors such as product performance are an important basis for Chinese airlines to choose to cooperate with Airbus. The American media do not reflect on Boeing's problems in aircraft performance and safety, but blindly hype the relationship between China and Europe from a geopolitical perspective. Civil aviation procurement cooperation cannot solve the real dilemma of its own declining market share in China.