(25th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China) The overseas Chinese community is hotly discussing Xi Jinping's important speech: "One country, two systems" will give Hong Kong a better tomorrow

  China News Agency, Beijing, July 1st, topic: The overseas Chinese community heatedly discussed Xi Jinping's important speech: "One country, two systems" will give Hong Kong a better tomorrow

  Author Xu Wenxin Jin Xu

  On July 1, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered an important speech at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and the inauguration ceremony of the sixth government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Overseas Chinese paid close attention to the content of the speech, and were very proud of the achievements of Hong Kong's return to the country 25 years ago. A brighter tomorrow for the Pearl of the Orient.

  Memories: Returning to the Motherland to Create a New Chapter

  President Xi Jinping's speech evoked the memory of Cao Yanling, chairman of the European Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, "In the past, there was no direct flight from Denmark to mainland China, and I often transited from Hong Kong. I remember the first time I flew from Denmark in the early 1980s. When I returned to China, I landed in Hong Kong and saw the national flags of other countries flying on the land of China. I felt very uncomfortable. Later, when Hong Kong returned to China, I went back again. The five-star red flag fluttered in the wind above Hong Kong, and I felt proud!”

  "I go to Hong Kong almost every year, and whenever I land in Hong Kong from abroad, I feel at home." said Mao Yancheng, director of the British Chinese Art Center and chairman of the Yunnan General Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, who watched the celebration all night in London. , My heart could not be calm for a long time.

  "As soon as you mention Hong Kong, you will never forget the food and the night view of Victoria Harbour." Yan Tianlu, Vice President of Malaysia-China Public Relations Association, was pleasantly surprised by the changes in Hong Kong over the past 25 years. "The opening of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed The completion also sets up a bridge of communication and exchange, and provides more efficient and convenient services for residents to travel and sightseeing, visit relatives and friends, and business exchanges.”

  Le Taowen, a tenured professor at Weber State University in the United States, said: "President Xi Jinping's speech reminded me of the scene of Hong Kong's return 25 years ago. At that time, I watched the live broadcast with the help of a satellite TV receiver and witnessed Hong Kong's return to the embrace of the motherland."

  Persistence: "One country, two systems" bears fruit

  Xi Jinping said in his speech that there is no reason to change the good system of "one country, two systems" and must be upheld for a long time.

  Lin Maofeng, president of the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Business Association in Milan, Italy, said: "Without any precedent, the principles of 'one country, two systems', 'Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong' and a high degree of autonomy have been implemented, and the achievements are obvious to all. In the future, we will firmly support the 'one country, two systems' policy. Hong Kong will surely have a brighter future."

  Zhu Jinliang, honorary president of the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Businessmen Association in Milan, Italy, believes that the Chinese government adheres to the original intention of "one country, two systems", takes Hong Kong's prosperity and stability as the top priority, and keeps the expectations of Hong Kong citizens in mind.

  Outlook: good governance and good governance start again

  Le Taowen said: "As a university professor, President Xi Jinping's care and concern for Hong Kong youth resonates strongly with me. Hong Kong has never been absent in the history of the struggle of the Chinese nation. Generations of Hong Kong youth have made special efforts for the self-reliance and self-improvement of the Chinese nation. Contribution. I believe that contemporary Hong Kong youth will take their predecessors as role models and continue to work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As President Xi Jinping said, if youth thrives, Hong Kong thrives; if youth develops, Hong Kong develops; if youth has a future, Hong Kong has a future. "

  "The younger generation has witnessed the rapid development of the motherland, and will go all out in the future to pursue their dreams bravely and create infinite possibilities in this land." Yan Tianlu said that he is very much looking forward to the Hong Kong Palace Museum, "Hong Kong is a special place. The intersection of Eastern and Western cultures gives it a unique charm. If you can see the true face of precious cultural relics in Hong Kong and have a dialogue with history, you must have a different perception and experience.”

  "Although we are overseas, we are heart-to-heart with the people of our ancestral (home) country and witness this glorious moment together." Wang Junxiao, president of the Brazil-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, watched the celebration on time. He said, "'One country, two systems' is the The prosperity and stability of Hong Kong provides a solid backing, and the lives of Hong Kong residents are getting better and better. I look forward to a better tomorrow for Hong Kong." (End)