As the NATO summit, where leaders of various countries gathered, came to an end yesterday (30th), it is evaluated that the final winner is Turkiye, who was called Turkey.

It means that they have properly paid for themselves through thorough tightrope diplomacy.

This is reporter Bae Jun-woo.


Although Turkey is a key member of NATO, it has maintained close relations with Russia.

In 2019, despite fierce US opposition, the Russian S-400 was introduced.

It is the latest medium-long-range interceptor missile, so-called 'Russian version of THAAD'.

Frustrated, the US canceled plans to sell its latest fighter jets to Turkiye.

This is because if Turkiye operates both American fighters and Russian air defense systems at the same time, the Russian side may have access to classified US fighter information in the name of maintenance and repair.

Turkiye's 'guts diplomacy' was the same with Russia.

While claiming to be an intermediary between Russia and Ukraine, he sold weapons to Ukraine in bulk.

Turkish budget drones and others have played a major role in preventing Ukraine's air strikes by Russia.

In particular, at this NATO summit, he shook the veto power and made the European leaders anxious.

After constantly opposing Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO, which is essential to contain Russia, they turned to support as the opening ceremony was imminent, but the rewards were substantial.

Finland and Sweden have pledged to cut off aid to the Kurds, who have been at odds with the Turks over autonomy-independence issues.

The United States has also expressed its intention to upgrade Turkiye's F-16 fighter jets.

[Lee Soo-hyung/Senior Member of National Security Strategy Institute (NATO expert): The United States and China seem to represent the international community, but (Turkiye) has made considerable profits because they are making diplomatic efforts to realize the national interest from underneath.]

Currently, Turkiye is in an economic crisis due to extreme inflation, and it is said that President Erdogan will actively utilize the achievements of tightrope diplomacy in domestic politics.

(Video editing: Ha Seong-won, CG: Im Chan-hyuk)