Nigeria: the authorities condemn the attack on a mining site in the center

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari called the perpetrators of the attack "terrorists" and "parasites" (illustration image).

AP - Bayo Omoboriowo

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Shock and consternation expressed by the Nigerian authorities following the attack on a mining site, which occurred on Wednesday in the Shiroro area, in the center of the country.

At least four Chinese employees were kidnapped.

thirty soldiers and seven policemen were killed.

According to witnesses, this attack was perpetrated by heavily armed men, "bandits", who carry out kidnappings for ransom.


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Three days after this tragedy, the circumstances of this attack remain unclear: impossible to know the exact number of armed men who were present.

The human toll continues to vary.

And no suspects were apprehended.

President Muhammadu Buhari strongly condemned this attack perpetrated, in his words, by "


 " and " 



The Nigerian head of state promises that justice will be done and that zero tolerance will be applied against those responsible for this attack. 

At the same time, Muhammadu Buhari tries to reassure the inhabitants of the Shiroro area: " 

We will do everything to ensure your return 

", he promises.

But insecurity demoralizes the inhabitants, who abandon agriculture and find themselves refugees, deplores Senator Sani Musa.

Violence perpetrated by “bandits” is very frequent.

These often heavily armed gangs target infrastructure projects and civilians.

They mainly carry out kidnappings for ransom.

According to the NGO Acled, in 2021, more than 2,600 civilians fell victim to these gangs. 


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