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A British free climber has been shown dangling with his bare hands on top of the tallest crane in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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A man hangs from the top of a crane with panoramic views of Dubai.

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He can hold on with only one hand, and even change his position and hang his legs upside down on a pole.

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It is the top of a 77-story building and is 390 meters high.

There were no safety devices on the man's body, and even the crane was said to have been slippery due to the lubricant.

The man said, "There were four moments when I barely passed the crisis," he said.

Netizens responded, "Just looking at it makes my hands sweat! I can't even give you a million dollars!", "Sometimes even a monkey falls from a tree... Does it have two lives?", "You must never imitate it, right?" was seen.

(Screen source: YouTube Nuisance)