At lunchtime on Tuesday, there was still great uncertainty as to whether Sweden and Finland could reach an agreement with Turkey.

The conversations with Recep Tayyip Erdogan are said to have gone in circles for hours when a decision was made in the afternoon for a break, Bloomberg writes.

- Nothing happened during the first two hours.

Then we took a coffee break, and as always it is when the best ideas come up, says Pekka Haavisto in an interview.

"Explained our work"

When they returned to the negotiating table, the two sides should have been able to meet on Turkey's concerns about security and the view of terrorism.

According to Reuters, the sudden breakthrough should have even surprised the summit officials.

"Sweden and Finland have been able to explain our work against terrorism and how we have tightened the legislation and will continue to strengthen it," said Magdalena Andersson afterwards.

A few hours later, the news came that Turkey supports Swedish and Finnish NATO membership.

Exactly what words were uttered to ease the locks is shrouded in obscurity.

US media report that the United States and President Joe Biden played a crucial role in Erdogan's release of his veto.

- I am completely convinced that they have had, says Jan Hallenberg, research leader at the Foreign Policy Institute, to SVT News.

According to Hallenberg, the United States has "twisted Erdogan's arm and given him some sugar cubes", the latter in the form of a meeting with Biden and signals of a potential sale of American F-16 fighter jets.

Biden called Erodgan

According to CNN, Biden received a request on Tuesday morning from Magdalena Andersson and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö that it was time to call Erdogan.

In the conversation with the President of Turkey, Joe Biden is said to have called on him to seize the opportunity and conclude the negotiations during the NATO summit.

When asked what role the United States has played, and whether a possible, separate agreement with Turkey may have contributed to the outcome, Andersson SVT answers on Thursday:

- I do not know of any such deal, but on the other hand it is clear that we have received help from other NATO countries that see that Sweden and Finland contribute to the overall security.

At a later press conference, Biden did not say anything about any insurance to Turkey, but rather that the United States should modernize and sell its F-16 planes.

This, however, requires the approval of Congress.