Victor Chabert 9:31 a.m., June 30, 2022

This Thursday, the deputies must elect the new president of the coveted finance committee.

Reserved for the opposition since 2007, it serves as a counterweight to the majority.

For this position, two candidates compete: the rebellious Éric Coquerel and the deputy of the National Rally, Jean-Philippe Tanguy. 

The National Assembly continues to put itself in working order.

On Wednesday, two deputies from the National Rally were elected to the post of vice-president of the office of the Assembly, which is a first in history.

A situation that enrages the deputies of Nupes, who sees it as the result of an agreement between the majority, the elected LR and RN.

Above all, the deputies of Nupes want to prevent such an “alliance” from happening again this Thursday for the election of the president of the finance committee where the rebellious, Éric Coquerel, and the RN deputy, Jean- Philippe Tanguy.

Two men recognized for their seriousness

Éric Coquerel, 63, spent his youth in the Revolutionary Communist League before co-founding the Left Party and becoming one of Jean-Luc Mélenchon's strategists.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy, 36, is a Gaullist sovereigntist and former right-hand man of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

He joined Marine Le Pen in 2020 and served as her deputy campaign manager during the presidential election.


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Both men are known for their seriousness.

Éric Coquerel has been one of the most active deputies of the National Assembly since 2017. Those close to Jean-Philippe Tanguy praise his solidity on public finance issues and his career as a graduate of Sciences-Po and Essec.

Éric Coquerel, big favourite?

These are two visions of the role of chairman of the finance committee that will clash.

Éric Coquerel wants to use it to fight against tax evasion, while Jean-Philippe Tanguy wishes to embody conscientious control work.


- Finance Commission: can the favorite Éric Coquerel (LFI) be doubled by the RN?

Arithmetically, being the common candidate of the Nupes, the rebellious has the advantage, unless the Republicans decide to support Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

A scenario that seems unlikely.

The presidency of the finance committee should therefore return, except surprise, to Éric Coquerel.