Criticizing Vice President Kamalla Harris, Lebedev recalled her response to a question about the decision of the US Supreme Court on abortion.

“Harris, who, speaking about abortion in America, said that she passes this decision through herself as a mother, as a godmother and as an aunt.

The journalist tells her: “You are a woman yourself,” to which she replies: “Exactly, I am a woman, I am the daughter of a woman and I am the granddaughter of a woman.”

You can continue this and say that she is a great-granddaughter of a woman, a great-great-granddaughter of a woman and a great-great-great-granddaughter of a woman, and in general, the deepest semantic layer is revealed, which is contained in the whole one head of Kamalla Harris, ”said Lebedev.

He also criticized the Latvian ex-Minister Maris Gulbis, who speculated about the readiness of the European Union and NATO to “take away” the Kaliningrad region, surprised by his “self-confidence”.

“And in third place we have Guy Ritchie with his film Operation Fortune.

They made a film, it was ready and they shot a trailer, but it turned out that the film is about Ukrainian bandits, but since it seems like it’s not fashionable to talk about Ukrainian bandits, the film was sent for re-editing to remove the word “Ukrainian,” the designer noted .

This "quartet", according to Lebedev, is completed by politicians who proposed to undress at the G7 summit to show that they are "cooler than Putin."