China's President Xi Jinping arrived in Hong Kong on the afternoon of the 30th, as it has been 25 years since Hong Kong was returned to China on July 1, with a large-scale demonstration three years ago in mind. He emphasized the position that the enactment regained the stability of Hong Kong.

President Xi hasn't been out of mainland China since January.

China's President Xi Jinping arrived at a station in Hong Kong by high-speed rail before 4:30 pm on the 30th of Japan time, and got off in a mask while being greeted by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam and citizens with national flags.

In his arrival greetings, President Xi said, "Hong Kong has faced a tough time, but it has overcome it," keeping in mind that a large-scale demonstration against the government continued three years ago. He emphasized the position that he has regained stability through the enactment of.

He added that "one country, two systems," which recognizes Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy, "will improve the future of Hong Kong if it is adhered to."

It is the first time that President Xi has left mainland China since he visited Myanmar in January, and it is the first time since the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the measures to block the city in Wuhan.

President Xi will attend a ceremony to commemorate his 25th anniversary and the inauguration of Mr. John Lee, the chief executive of the Hong Kong government, on the 1st.

In Hong Kong, the infection of the new coronavirus has spread rapidly in June, and the Hong Kong government has taken unusual measures such as isolating the participants of the ceremony at the hotel for several days in response to President Xi's visit. In addition, some roads are blocked around the station and the venue, and a large number of police officers are on high alert to guard.

NHK broadcast that reported the situation in Hong Kong in China is temporarily suspended

In China, when NHK's overseas TV broadcast "World Premium" reported on the situation surrounding Hong Kong's speech on the morning of the 30th, it was temporarily suspended with a color bar and a message such as "Signal abnormality".

In China, the contents of foreign TV stations broadcast domestically are also monitored by the authorities, and the contents that are inconvenient for the Chinese government and the Communist Party are often interrupted.

We can see that the authorities are nervous about the news about the situation in Hong Kong.