The focus is on the Korean Peninsula.

Reporter Kim A-young summarized the news of the anti-US rally held again in North Korea after 5 years.

<Reporter> This

is a famous anti-American propaganda painting in North Korea.

These propaganda materials, which had disappeared for a while due to the North Korea-US negotiations in 2018, reappeared on the front lines of North Korean media.

A rally was held to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the Korean War on the 25th of June, which North Korea calls the Fatherland Liberation War.

Signs with anti-American messages and propaganda posters have been placed everywhere, and young people are making a so-called 'resolve for revenge' towards the United States.

[Let's keep the spirit of defending the motherland in the 1950s and the spirit of revolutionaries strong.

Let's continue!

Let's continue!]

North Korea has traditionally held anti-US rallies until July 27, the date of the armistice agreement signing, as the period for the joint anti-US struggle.

[Broadcast on June 25, 2018: I am reminiscing about the hard work of the great leader.]

However, after 5 years, it has returned to its original atmosphere.

In the midst of the Corona 19 quarantine, anti-American ideology injection schedules such as visiting the Shincheon Museum and the Susan-ri Class Liberal Arts Center were enforced.

[Kim Gwang-jun / Anti-American facility visitor: He was buried alive and burned to death.

What can we know here.

The Americans and their class enemies are the worst...


Even harsh expressions such as the US-made seungnyangyi and cannibals were broadcast without exception.

The goal seems to be to return to an atmosphere of outright hostility towards the United States.

[With a sense of revenge against the U.S. imperial imperial, the enemy of Daecheon, who is mad at war provocation and oppression against our republic.]

Based on that hostility, there was also encouragement to achieve economic results.

[Woomansil/Ban-American facility visitor: I am divided to think that their descendants are sharpening their swords while crossing our system.

I will risk my fate on farming and do well in the spirit of revenge of my enemies.] It is

understood that the follow-up measures were taken internally after General Secretary Kim Jong-un revealed the principle of a head-to-head match. It appears to be preparing for a confrontation with the United States.