An official from the Ministry of Unification said it was regrettable that North Korea presumed that the floodgates of the Hwanggang Dam were discharged without permission.

"It is presumed that North Korea recently opened the floodgates of the Hwanggang Dam," a Unification Ministry official said.

This official said, however, that considering the fact that the water level at the Pilseung Bridge has been lowered compared to the dawn of today (30th), it is not judged that North Korea has rapidly increased the amount of discharge from the Hwanggang Dam.

The government has been preparing in advance by adjusting the water level at Gunnam Dam in consideration of the North Korean discharge caused by the opening of the Hwanggang Dam sluice gate, the official added.

He also said that he is closely monitoring the situation of the discharge in the northern area, and that he will do his best to prevent damage to the public and property by making every effort to manage the waters on the Korean side.

(Photo = Yonhap News)