What are the best vegetables and fruits that give you water in the summer heat?

What are the summer products that harm your agility?

Drinking enough water during hot days is a rule that may not be adhered to by everyone, so eating vegetables and fruits rich in water may be the solution, as it works to regulate the fluid balance in our bodies, and here are the most prominent of those vegetables and fruits.

Summer has finally arrived and people, young and old, are enjoying it, but one may forget to drink enough water during the heat, as the amount that an adult drinks daily should not be less than 2.5 liters, so do you find it difficult to drink this amount of water?

The German "Brigette" magazine - according to Deutsche Welle, reveals some fruits and vegetables rich in water that help you regulate the fluid balance in the body, namely:

Vegetables rich in water

  • Option

It consists of about 95% water, and provides potassium to the body, you can take anywhere small pieces in the food box as a snack.

  • tomatoes

It occupies the second place in the list of foods rich in water besides cucumber, because it also consists of 95% of water, and in addition to being useful for hydration, it is also rich in vitamins "C" and "E" (E).

  • zucchini

It consists of 94% of water and adds a great taste to pasta or rice dishes, in addition to that it contains beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A (A).

  • cabbage

This type of vegetable also consists of 94% of water, and it also contains many vitamins.

  • mushroom

Mushrooms contain 93% water, and are suitable for salads, rice or pasta dishes.

Fruits rich in water

  • watermelon

The first fruit on the throne of water-rich foods, it consists of 90% of water and also provides us with a variety of nutrients.

  • the strawberry

What would summer be without strawberries?

Consisting of 91% water, it contains potassium, and it can also improve digestion thanks to its high fiber content.

  • peach

It consists of 90% of water, and also provides the body with potassium and beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A, and peaches can be eaten fresh or by adding it to the whole-grain muesli mix.

Summer products that harm your fitness

In this report, published by the Russian "FBRI" website, Pavel Lebedev reviewed a number of foods and drinks that are famous for the summer, which prevents getting a slim body.

  • Ice cream

Store-bought ice cream contains many additives, dyes, and preservatives.

On the other hand, if you want to eat healthy ice cream, it can be prepared at home by placing a quantity of fresh berries in the blender, adding a small amount of cream, then mixing it well and then placing it in cups and eating it two or three hours after placing it in the refrigerator.

  • Soft drinks

All soft drinks of all kinds contain large amounts of sugar that is unimaginable, as their intake affects the level of sugar in the blood and enhances the level of appetite, which leads to rapid weight gain.

And just like homemade ice cream, drinks can be made at home by whisking fresh berries with a little sugar substitute and adding water.

  • Cotton candy

Eating cotton candy negatively affects health and, consequently, a person’s physique, as a result of it containing large amounts of sugar.