As watch thefts surge on the streets of Naples, Italy, the local tourism official has come up with a surprising alternative.

According to


, the president of the Aidit tour operator association said hotels in the Parthenopean city could provide visitors with plastic watches while staying there.

Theirs, much more expensive, would then be placed in safety during their stay in Naples.

Watches at ten euros each

This alternative could, according to him, allow tourists to “enjoy the tranquility and peace in the city”


This statement follows the misadventure recently experienced by French actor Daniel Auteuil.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the comedian was traveling in a taxi last week when two individuals on a scooter snatched his Patek Philippe watch, worth 39,000 euros, through the open window of the vehicle.

According to this Neapolitan tourism official, this solution would also allow visitors to have a personalized souvenir of Naples that they could then offer "to family members and friends".

He made a point of specifying that Naples was not more subject to street robberies than other major Italian cities such as Milan or Rome.

In addition, according to the president of the association of tour operators Aidit, this operation would be inexpensive since the price of each plastic watch would not exceed 10 euros.

For the time being, it is not yet known whether this proposal will be put into practice.


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