Overseas Network, June 28. The Group of Seven (G7) summit was held in Ermau, Bavaria, Germany on the 26th. The Associated Press commented on the 27th that when the United States participated in the meeting, the country was facing political turmoil, large-scale A series of sharp issues such as frequent shooting incidents and the great controversy over abortion rights have made many G7 countries worry that "the United States is going backwards".

  According to the report, during the G7 summit, the United States wanted to deepen its partnership with its allies and restore their confidence in the United States. However, the United States was experiencing conflicts within itself.

U.S. House of Representatives Special Investigations Committee is investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Hill riots, and U.S. political divisions could deepen; 'uniquely American' mass shootings and gun violence crises alarm allies The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the "Roe v. Wade" ruling on the 24th, which means that women's abortion rights will no longer be protected by the U.S. Constitution, leading to unanimous condemnation from the heads of Britain, France, Canada and other countries and the United Nations, believing that this is a A big step backward for America.

  Bergman, a researcher at the US think tank, said in an interview, "There is no doubt that I think Europeans are a little worried about the chaos in the United States." European allies began to worry about whether the United States was stable enough and hesitated to trust the security guarantees of the United States. .

  "I think the United States is divided," said Joscher, a 59-year-old German citizen near the summit site. The United States seemed to want to move forward, but was going backwards.

(Overseas Network Yang Jia)