The hearing opened on Tuesday before the Assize Court of Ille-et-Vilaine in Rennes.

A 41-year-old man is on trial for attempted murder and attempted murder of a person in public authority.

The facts date back to December 4, 2018. That day, the police were called by a woman, terrified by her violent husband from whom she had recently been separated.

While he was forbidden to approach him, the individual had arrested his ex-companion who had come to pick up his children at the end of school.

Three officers then escorted the woman to the home for abused women where she was staying.

The rifle had jammed

In the parking lot of the establishment, the accused had emerged from a bush before taking out a weapon from his belt and pointing it in the direction of his ex-companion and the police.

Officers initially thought it was a telescopic baton.

The weapon was actually a sawed-off .22 long rifle.

“The gun was loaded.

Luckily, it jammed twice, ”

a police source told

20 Minutes at the time.

After throwing the weapon and fleeing, the man was arrested a little later in the evening.

His trial is expected to last four days with a verdict expected on Friday.


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