As Milonov emphasized, due to anti-Russian sanctions, the country's automotive industry is experiencing a number of difficulties.

At the same time, according to the parliamentarian, the exit from the market of foreign companies producing a number of components, as well as foreign car brands, created a situation in which the demand for the purchase of new cars fell somewhat.

The deputy added that in this situation, the domestic automotive industry “has a real chance” not only to restore production and sales of its products, but also to make a “quality breakthrough” in the market of Russia and other countries where Russian cars are exported.

“In this regard, in order to stimulate the demand of the population for the purchase of new domestic cars in the context of the sanctions policy, I suggest that you consider the idea of ​​introducing new measures of state support for manufacturers.

In particular, Russians - buyers of domestic cars could be exempted from paying transport tax for two to three years, ”the appeal says.

In addition, as the interlocutor of RT explained, in order to restore sales, it is worth considering re-introducing the program for recycling old cars and providing subsidies (certificates) for the purchase of a new Russian car.

Earlier, Milonov suggested creating a specialized sanatorium and resort program in Russia for participants in a special operation in Ukraine.