The Government of Pedro Sánchez has officially notified Abengoa on Tuesday of its decision not to rescue the Sevillian multinational from the Covid fund and not grant it the 249 million loan that it had requested more than a year ago.

The refusal is an almost death sentence for the company, with a debt of 6,000 million euros, in bankruptcy proceedings and with a bailout plan based on an injection of 200 million by the American fund Terramar, which had state support. one of its legs and now remains in the air.

The refusal of SEPI, on which the Covid fund for companies affected by the pandemic depends, is a condemnation for Abengoa, which does not have many more options left to get out of its umpteenth crisis and could lead it to liquidation in which It would be the biggest bankruptcy in the history of this country since the real estate company Martinsa-Fadesa starred.

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