Since 1 May this year, there is a requirement for a driver's license and that the driver has turned 15 years old.

The Coast Guard must also inform about current rules and ensure that drivers do not drive too fast or carelessly.

To the question of whether inspections should also be carried out in Östergötland and on Gotland, press secretary Mattias Lindholm answers as follows: “We carry out the inspections throughout the country, in different places on different days.

Unfortunately, I cannot give exact places in advance. ”

Must know laws and regulations

A jet ski driver has the same responsibility as other sea users to follow the rules of the road that exist and to know the laws that apply.

All regulations regarding sobriety, speed limits, weighing rules and conduct at sea apply in the same way as for drivers of other watercraft, the authority writes in a press release.

You can hear more about the requirements and why they were introduced in the video below.

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What happens if you drive a jet ski without a driver's license?

And why was a watercraft driver's license introduced?

In the clip, Jonathan Stillman, administrator at the Swedish Transport Agency, answers three questions.

Photo: SVT