• The CGT has filed a strike notice in Parisian swimming pools which runs from July 1 to August 31.

  • The agents of the city of Paris denounce the reduction in working time imposed on them by the city of Paris, itself constrained by the State, and the law of August 6, 2019.

  • The city has made some adjustments to reduce the impact of the decision, but these adjustments are considered insufficient by the CGT.

Parisians who would like to refresh their legs at the swimming pool this summer are very likely to find the door closed.

And this, because of a notice of strike of the CGT which runs from July 1 to August 31, prolonging a strike which lasts since February.

The bathing areas of Paris plage and the stadiums will also be affected.

If @Anne_Hidalgo @AntoineGuillou @PierreRabadan do not enter negotiations urgently, the sports centers, #swimming pools and #bathing in #Paris will be severely disrupted this summer!

The #CGT files a #notice of #strike from 07/1 to 08/31, 2022!

@cgtvilledeparis pic.twitter.com/7sORFAlwBz

- CGT EVSPC - City of Paris (@CgtEvspc) June 25, 2022

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Municipal agents denounce the reduction in working time imposed on them by the City of Paris, itself constrained by the State and the law of August 6, 2019. This law obliges city officials to work 35 annualized hours per week, whereas they had previously benefited from a drafting of the additional working time thanks to what were called "mayor's days", as in other cities.

With regard to the lifeguards, the total of their hours amounted to 1,462 hours before the entry into force of the law on the transformation of the public service, due to the arduous nature of their profession.

They then had 33 days of annual leave as well as 61 days of RTT integrated into the work cycle.

The law reduced this number to 25 days of annual leave without changing the 61 days of RTT,

11 more minutes per day

To erase the impact of the law on its staff, the town hall first tried to increase the RTT to compensate for the lost working time, arguing specific circumstances of life in Paris, this is what we have called the "capital city" subjection.

But justice invalidated his proposal, asking him to review his copy.

The new proposal from the town hall increases the annual working time, but preserves almost all the days off.

The city has found through legal texts the means to grant its employees two days of “split” leave, provided that they do not take all their leave in the summer.

In addition to these two days, 5.5 days of RTT are added, provided that the staff agrees to work 11 minutes more per day, so as to generate these RTTs.

The total hours worked for swimming pool staff then amount to 1,492 hours per year, or 1,505 hours if the agents absolutely insist on taking all their summer vacation, i.e. 30 to 43 hours more per year, with 32.5 days off instead of 33.

Particular arduousness

These arrangements were deemed insufficient by the CGT EVSPC, which called for a strike in February.

“These arrangements do not suit us because it is still extra work”, explains to

20 Minutes

Voussad Challal, lifeguard of the City of Paris and communication secretary of the CGT EVSPC union (the green spaces, sports, prevention and cemeteries of the CGT City of Paris).

The CGT manager believes that the town hall could have done better, in particular by increasing the hardship index for swimming pool staff, who have a schedule with a wide working hours (from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.) and underground offices.

Currently, lifeguards benefit from a level 4 subjection, at the same level as garbage collectors or municipal police, on a grid which has seven levels.

The sewer workers are at level 7 and the CGT EVSPC would like lifeguards and lifeguards to have the same hardship index.


“We will have to work a total of 43 hours more this year.

Knowing that we have lower wages than ever.

We consider that the City of Paris could have gone further and compensated more.

In other cities, some mayors gave bonuses, like in Marseille, where the garbage collectors got 80 euros per month, ”says Voussad Challal.

Contacted by

20 Minutes

, the sports assistant, Pierre Rabadan, claims to have never heard of a bonus in the demands made during the negotiation meetings and regrets the strike during the heat wave, which he considers not "cautious" for the workers. users.

Between 10 and 15 swimming pools affected since February

Concretely, since February, only the morning slots, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., were affected by the strike, as well as weekends, the union having called not to impact schoolchildren due to the delays accumulated during confinement.

Of the 25 swimming pools managed by the city, between 10 and 15 are thus closed every day in the morning, and since the heat wave, on average 15 are also closed on weekends, counted the union.

What will be the consequence of this strike on swimming pools this summer?

The appeal launched this time opens the door to broader closures.

But the town hall is advancing discussions and hopes to end the strike this week.

According to our information, at least one union has already lifted it, the UNSA, on Monday June 27.


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