The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has made it clear that Bavaria does not intend to host another G-7 summit in the foreseeable future.

The Free State has done its duty with summits, now "others can show whether they can do the same".

Overall, the Bavarian state government drew an extremely positive conclusion from the meeting at Schloss Elmau.

Söder said the Bavarian concept of "security through strength" had "convinced again".

Timo Frasch

Political correspondent in Munich.

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The Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann praised the summit meeting as "peaceful and safe".

This is "thanks in particular to our thousands of highly committed emergency services".

There was definitely a danger of riots by "violent chaotic people".

The fact that the meetings were then "largely trouble-free and peaceful" was also due to the fact that it was known beyond the state borders that "the Bavarian police protects peaceful demonstrators, but also takes consistent action against rioters and violent criminals".

Herrmann: Attack on the Olympic Games as a reminder

Herrmann rejected allegations that the police presence was unnecessarily massive.

“Basically, I can never see too much,” he said.

In the case of events that can be planned, the Bavarian police have for years followed the motto of sending a few more officers to be on the safe side - "and if they then have nothing to do, it's easier to cope with than if we don't have enough and chaos erupts “.

Herrmann referred to the lessons learned from the Olympic Games in Munich 50 years ago.

At the time, the police acted cautiously to show a cosmopolitan Germany - and then there was "the very terrible awakening" by the terrorist attack on the Israeli team.

This memory is "a benchmark for doing everything to ensure that a catastrophe like the one that happened here in Munich in 1972 does not happen again".

That being said, the belief held by some of the demonstrators that the police are only there to supervise them is wrong.

There is also the danger of international terrorism.

State Police President Michael Schwald emphasized that the police officers should have guaranteed route protection if the high guests could not have left by air due to the weather.

In addition to the police, a lance was also raised for the traditional costume groups, who, accompanied by derisive laughter from some, had flanked the reception of the heads of state and government.

Söder said they were "excellent representatives for our country".

Trachtler simply belonged to Bavaria.

Others could then muster a "shanty choir".